Patricia + Tony | Engaged | A Goodenow Grove Wine Inspired Session

July 10, 2018

Not only are Patricia & Tony going to become husband and wife (in just a few short months!) but one of Patricias closest friends is turning into her sister in law as well!

It is Tony’s sister that really should get a whole lot of credit for this matchmaking!  Anne and Patricia were best friends and well it just took a few years for the stars to line up just right(and no one to be dating anyone else at the same time!).

There was a lot of laughter when I got to spend an evening with these two for their Engagement session!  They have spent a lot of time away from each other during their dating years as Tony is in the Air Force and Patricia is a traveling nurse.  But soon, they will be living in the same zip code and all will be right with their world!

Tony’s proposal to Patricia was one for the books!  They went to Maui and it was meant to be some time to relax after a long deployment (For Tony) and a two year dating anniversary celebration.  It also turned into Engagement vacation!  Who wouldn’t want to get engaged in Hawaii?

Here is a preview of their picnic/wine inspired Engagement Session.  When I asked them what they liked to do together and what they did to get to know each other during their dating years, they said that they loved to try different wines and just relax together.  So voila!

Enjoy 🙂



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