Clare + Nathayn | Engaged | Crete, Illinois

July 21, 2016

Ahhh you guys!  This engagement session out in the wide open spaces…well it was just perfect!  Clare and Nathayn grew up in different states (her in Illinois and him in Texas!), first connected in Iowa at college and they are getting married here in Indiana this Winter.  In fact, it will be our last wedding of 2016 and a great way to end out a gorgeous year of weddings!

These two spend a lot of time away from one another as Clare is here in Indiana and Nathayn is back in Iowa.  That fact alone, made this engagement session that much more special because Nathayn was leaving shortly after we were done and he wasn’t sure when he would be the next time he would get back here (before the wedding!).

Almost all of our engagement sessions are done in the golden hour moments of the evening…and that was what was planned for these two as well.  But Mother Nature had other ideas and gave us quite a rain storm at our session time…so we improvised and decided we would meet early the next morning.

Mother Nature came through that next morning…the birds were singing and the sun was rising!  Woo-hoo!

Throughout my time knowing these two, we have talked all about Texas (of course!), football (Nathayn played football in Texas when he was younger and then played football for Iowa) and how their love story began.  An injury on the football field is what brought them connected in a new way…his hand injury made it so he couldn’t write any notes down in class or do many assignments on his own.  Clare to the rescue 😉  And the rest is history!

Come Christmas time, they will have a new normal!  Finally being together…and not states away from one another.

Clare and Nathayn…thanks for braving the humid temperatures with me and doing it with many laughs along the way!  I hope you love these highlights as much as I do!  Let the countdown to December begin!


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