The Clinton Family | Red Bud Isle Park | Austin, Texas

April 7, 2017

They say that the best of friends can spend a whole lot of time away from one another and then finally see each other and it’s like nothing has changed.  You just pick up where you left off, right?  I met up with the Clinton family recently and although we picked up right where we left off …it was clear that this was not one of those situations where we could say nothing had changed.  Because EVERYTHING has changed.

I knew Scott and Laura quite well in a season that seems like it was forever ago.  It was before I had my babies. Before I moved to Indiana. It was much before we all had lived a little and learned some things…before life had weathered us a bit.  It was SO great to reconnect, see how their two kiddos had grown into young MEN and reminisce about how things seemed to be so much more simple back in the day!

Time has been so good to these two.  I have to admit that I am somewhat jealous of where they have decided to call home (San Antonio, Texas) and I promised them it wouldn’t be long until I am back down there again!  Here is just a little preview of their  perfect weather photo session!


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