He loves the snow! | Cooper @ 9 months

January 20, 2014

I have to be honest here.

By mid January I am DONE with this snow.  This year in particular, I am just ready to welcome Summer, in all her glory, with open arms.  On Saturday morning, there was a fresh blanket of snow on the ground when I woke up.  A month ago I would have been quite excited about this beautiful sight…but on this day I sighed to myself and let Cooper outside.  I quickly shut the door and watched him through the glass from the warmth of my home.

Cooper had other ideas.  He was attached to a leash that gives him some space and he used it to his fullest!  He ran and dove like I have never seen before!  He took huge bites of the white stuff and couldn’t get enough of it!

I grabbed my camera and captured his awe of the snow.  I think I might need to take some lessons on attitude from Cooper!  😉


He just turned nine months and there is no end in sight to his very puppy ways!  He constantly keeps us on our toes!

I have decided that I like these photos so much…that I just might have to make them up in canvas 🙂



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