Joe + Kaylin | Wedding | Cedar Lake, Indiana

September 14, 2016

When I first met Kaylin last year, Joe was away at school (finishing up his college degree!) and couldn’t come with.  So Kaylin brought her mama and we sat and talked the night away!  I knew right away that we were a GREAT fit for each other.  I could tell right away the importance that their families have in their lives and how long everyone had waited to see these two get married!

When I opened up the wedding invitation that was sent to me, I noticed that Kaylin’s middle name was Joy.  I remember thinking how that fit her perfectly!  I wasn’t alone in that thought at all…it was even mentioned in Pastor Lance’s message during their ceremony.  Joe is a kind and quiet guy who when he looks at Kaylin…just lights up!  You will see what I mean when you see the photographs!

When you meet both Joe and Kaylin’s families, you understand why they are the way they are!  All day, the members of their families were so kind, welcoming and made us feel like we were one of them.  It was my honor to be invited to tell their story!

Enjoy a preview of their beautiful joy-filled day!

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sarakatephotography_0293 sarakatephotography_0340 sarakatephotography_0341 sarakatephotography_0339 sarakatephotography_0281 sarakatephotography_0317

 Click here to see Kaylin & Joe’s Engagement Session

The Creative Wedding Team

Bridal Gown Designer | Casablanca

Bridal Gown Store | Elegance

Ceremony Venue | Faith Church-Cedar Lake

Reception Venue | Halls Of St. George

Hair | Eileen Bonnema

Makeup | Becca Burgett

DJ | Party Train

Videographer | Jacob Nealis

Sweets/Desserts | Rhoda Vassar

Bridesmaids Dresses | Elegance

Groom & Groomsmen Attire | Dunhill

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